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About us

Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) Registration No S 5914/10222 is a Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Based in Northern Uganda. It was founded in the year 2010 in response to the girl child abuse and women violence in rural areas of Uganda. The association has 18 committee members comprising of 10 female and 8 Male .The organizations is located in Yumbe district town council along Yumbe koboko road 1 km from Yumbe police station.

The organization supports orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs,), vulnerable , marginalized women in Yumbe district and beyond. There is no discrimination regarding sex, tribe, religion, political orientation, race and colour.

Mission :

To Alleviate the causes of poverty and help communities to strive for sustanable and better life through mental, physical support in Education, skills and recovery development programes.


To provide safe peaceful environment where peoples rights are respected, the communities are infromed and Empowered to take control of their lives and work together for their Mutual development.


  • Giving care and protection to orphans and disadvantaged children through parenting work
  • Assisting children orphaned by war and HIV/AIDS scourge and those disadvantaged by other plights to acquire Education such that they can compete favourably in developing the world.
  • Empower women and girls for their rights and fight for the discrimination through political politicisation.
  • Help set up income generating projects that would help to equip some disadvantaged with some basic skills e.g in farming, Tailoring, Enterprenour skills , poultry keeping and ITC information.
  • Working in partnership with local and international organisations in view of soliciting assistance for the disadvantaged and orphaned children
  • To promote respect for human rights among members especially promoting awareness of rights of children, women, disabled persons, youths and marginalized groups in the society.
  • To train and support local communities in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, prevention, support and care, home base care, training, counseling aids and peer educators and information dissemination awareness to reduce its social economic effects.

Core values

Kindhearted : In our work we show kindhearted to every person regardless of their faith, Race , colour, , politics or past.
Determined: In all our work, where there is a need we will find a way. We will help those in need even where the circumstances are challenging or considered by others to be intractable.
Effective : Every aspect of our work will benefit those in need. Our work will have clear aims and outcomes that can be measured. We will be good stewards of the money and resources entrusted to us.
Straightforward: We will be transparent as to how we carry out our work. We will report to donors and potential donors in an honest fashion. We will never make a promise that we know cannot be delivered.

Encourage people to be free to live and to act according to their conscience.

A firm human dignity, value, equality and worth for all peopleple.

Our partner

French Embassy to, Uganda
16, Lumumba Avenue
P.O.Box 7212
TELEPHONE (+256) 414 304 500
EMAIL ambafrance.kampala@diplomatie.gouv.fr


CCEDUC’s beneficiarie
s having established our geographical remit, we are and shall continue helping the following target groups:
• Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
• Street Children
• Disabled and Chronically Children
• Deprived women

What we do

CCEDUC supports Orphaned, Poor and Exploited children, including disabled children, in particular those living in vulnerable communities. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education, basic support, legal, nutritional and health care, aimed at sustaining their long-term development. CCEDUC also advocating for womens rights and trains them to aquire skills for self reliance and improve their livelhood status.

All the actions were achieved through community acceptance i.e. by soliciting membership fee and Partnership with volunteers and French Embassy to Uganda.

Our thematic areas:
Our work stretches across the following sectors:
• liveloohod empowerment through agro inut provision to the vulnerable women.
• Education and Vocational Training to the vulnerable children and women
• Nutritional and basic support
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
• Service delivery and capital support (building schools, academies, clinics)
• Forest conservation through Tree planting and Energy wood saver oven construction.

• More women , in our project areas, will be empowered to meet the basic needs of themselves and their children.

*Discriminated and abused children will be empowered through Education to acquire training skills for self reliance.
• Access to essential services, like clean water, education and healthcare, within communities we support will increase.

Millions of trees will be saved through Energy wood stove construction and millions of trees will be planted .

Success story.

    • The orphaned kids that we identified and took up are now enrolled in orphanage school at the centre and are progressively doing well. For instance, they are now able to read and write.
    • Some of the older orphans deprived women were trained in Tailoring skills and are now able to support themselves using the acquired skills
    • . thousands of trees were saved through Energy wood stove construction and 500 women got agro input seeds for sustainability
    • Challenges that the organization faces:.

      • Difficulties to establish an orphanage home and construction of school block for those children who face serious challenges, such as ill-treatment by relatives with whom they live.
      • Lack of health facilities and Educational facitlities at the orphanage.
      • The influx of Sudanese refugees in Yumbe district has caused environmental degradation; Yumbe district has received approximately 800,000 refugees who consume about 2,056 bundles of fire wood per week. Environmental degradation leads tov wide spread of poverty and poverty  habitual cause of environmental degredation.the local people also embarked in cutting down of trees for brick burning, tobacco curing, brewing local beers, charcoal burning and for constructing shelter.
      • In adequate institutional support such as; office desks, office chairs, computers, printers, and book shelves.
      • The NGO also has problem with transport means such as motorcycle, bicycles, and vehicles as the staff covers distance of over 15km on average per day.
      • We only covered 0.5% of Yumbe district while 99.5 remained uncovered due to inadequate fund. We have covered only two Sub County out of 13 sub counties in Yumbe district..
      • High demand for agricultural inputs such as seeds, hoes, slashers, pesticides, and insecticides but due to financial constrain could not allow us to register more vulnerable women to benefit in the project.
      • High demand of energy saver stoves in Yumbe district but the NGO  has inadequate fund to capture more vulnerable women. 
      • Inadequate ordinary sewing machines that are used for training, compared to the modern ones i.e. designing, over locking machines which could improve the quality of clothes and turn them into more marketable clothes.
      • Inadequate funds to identify income generating activities for sustainability
      • Inadequate computer sets and powerful solar panels, which can run a limited number of computers. This is so because the ratio of learners to the computer sets available is  6 : 1
      • Recommendation

    • The NGO has a plan of constructing an orphanage centre for street kids, kids without parents and block of class rooms for the vulnerable children to benefit from quality education in the District of Yumbe
      • The NGO has plan of implementing agro forestry project in 13 sub counties of Yumbe    district. The project of agro forestry will reduce the issue of environmental degradation in Yumbe district.
      •   The NGO need to empower 7,000 farmers through advisory services, farmer institutional development, technology development and linkage to market.
      •   The NGO need institutional support such as; 04 office desks, 08 office chairs, 04 desk    top computers, 06 laptops, 02 printers, 02  benches and book self for smooth en the organsational operations
      • The NGO need 02 motorcycles (XL 125) and 15 bicycles for both filed work and administrative work. The distance covered by the staff or field officer on average is 15 kilometers per day.
      • The NGO has targeted 12,000 families for the energy saver stove project in Yumbe district.

tThe kids are in temporary class room supported by Germany volunteers

kids celebrating the shift of class rooms under a the tree to carpet class room C
Tvolunteer teachers attending to the kids in the school
kidkids in the class room under a tree

Girls in tailoring class

Vulnerable girls being taught how to repair sewing machines

vvvvvvvolunteer visitors talking to the orphans and vulnerable children and
their care givers
livelihood empowerment to the vulnerable women in partnership with
French Embassy to Uganda


Happly looking woman keep some seeds for next season planting

Traditonal cooking stove consumes 8 - 10 peices of fire wood which destroys millions of trees per year in the distircts of Yumbe.

group of women happly showing seeds for next season planting .

Energy save stove uses three peices of fire wood which can save millions of trees in the district of Yumbe ,

Support us to protect the climatic change in Northern Uganda

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