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You can reach to us by Email;carecommunityeducation@gmail.com

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About us

Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) is a grassroot Non-profit organization, that support deprived children and women who have suffered discrimination in the Northern region of Uganda . Many women in the community are looking after children who have lost their dear parents to HIV/AIDS or Northern civil war . This has increased on the dependence burden within the community that without intervention the community of Northern Uganda maybe wiped out due to lack of resources to support a healthy livelihood. In this community, some women have organized them selves and registered as a cooperative Association with an aim of supporting themselves. However they have failed to attract financial resources for sustainability of their activities. This has created untold suffering to women and children . They lack medical attention and nutritional supplements for a healthy living. This has affected their ability to live a better life.

Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) is committed to ensure that supporters’ donations go directly to the children and women ,who are forgotten, supporting them individually as well as in groups. This attitude remains at the forefront of the Care Community Education Centre’s work, enabling it to offer vital support to those who need it most.


Care Community Education Centre has a vision where children’s and women's rights are respected and they can reach their full potential. Our motivation is the children and women who need our help.They are at the Centre of everything we do.

Mission :

To Alleviate the causes of poverty and help communities to strive for sustanable and better life through mental, physical support in Education, skills and recovery development programes.


To provide safe peaceful environment where peoples rights are respected, the communities are infromed and Empowered to take control of their lives and work together for their Mutual development.

we are physically located in Odropi village Yumbe Town council Yumbe district Northern Uganda ,Our project site is situated 1 kilometer from Yumbe Police station along koboko - Yumbe road


  • Giving care and protection to orphans and disadvantaged children through parenting work
  • Assisting children orphaned by war and HIV/AIDS scourge and those disadvantaged by other plights to acquire Education such that they can compete favourably in developing the world.
  • Empower women and girls for their rights and fight for the discrimination through political politicisation.
  • Help set up income generating projects that would help to equip some disadvantaged with some basic skills e.g in farming, Tailoring, Enterprenour skills , poultry keeping and ITC information.
  • Working in partnership with local and international organisations in view of soliciting assistance for the disadvantaged and orphaned children
  • To promote respect for human rights among members especially promoting awareness of rights of children, women, disabled persons, youths and marginalized groups in the society.
  • To train and support local communities in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, prevention, support and care, home base care, training, counseling aids and peer educators and information dissemination awareness to reduce its social economic effects.



Restoring hope for deprived orphans and vulnerable children


Restoring hope for deprived Girls and women

HIV/AIDS sensitization at work place

Core values

Kindhearted : In our work we show kindhearted to every person regardless of their faith, Race , colour, , politics or past.
Determined: In all our work, where there is a need we will find a way. We will help those in need even where the circumstances are challenging or considered by others to be intractable.
Effective : Every aspect of our work will benefit those in need. Our work will have clear aims and outcomes that can be measured. We will be good stewards of the money and resources entrusted to us.
Straightforward: We will be transparent as to how we carry out our work. We will report to donors and potential donors in an honest fashion. We will never make a promise that we know cannot be delivered.

Encourage people to be free to live and to act according to their conscience.

A firm human dignity, value, equality and worth for all people.



There are millions of children across the world who do not have enough food to eat every day, who do not attend school, suffer from untreated diseases, are abused and mistreated, die early, and the same trend also affects the women whose rights are violated and they suffer domestic violence
In many developing countries, country like Uganda where care community Education Centre  is based, thousansds of children does not go to school. The schools are long distances a child has to move a long distance while going to school and by the time he/she reaches school is already tired and that child can not concentrate, in class. So there is need for  helping these poor children acquire quality education, provision of  tuition fee ,scholastic materials and uniforms. On the other hand 80% women in Uganda suffer domestic violence, their rights are violated and they are victims of HIV/AIDS.
Water sanitation
Poor sanitation and hygiene is a cross-cutting health concern in all rural Ugandan villages. Poor sanitation leads to diarrheal diseases, which are responsible for 17% of all deaths of children under five (World Health Organization). Poor personal and household hygiene can lead to trachoma, increased rate of infections, and a number of other diseases. A home with standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and increase malaria rates not just for that family, but for the neighbors as well.

As a result of the above problems Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) was initiated in the year 2010 as CBO and registered as an NGO  in the year 2013 to address the above challenges.

Our partner

We thank the Ministry of Health Uganda which helps us in providing workshops, seminars and provison of written materials to the staff of care community education centre(CCEDUC)The ministry appreciated our voluntery work services towards the vulnerable communites that we serve and recommended us on HIV/AIDS program which can be downloaded here.

Care community education centre’s beneficiaries having established our geographical remit, we are and shall continue helping the following target groups:
• Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
• Street and Working Children
• Disabled and Chronically Children
• Deprived women
• Their Families and Communities.

What we do

Care community education centre supports Orphaned, Poor and Exploited children, including disabled children, in particular those living in vulnerable communities. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education, basic support, legal, nutritional and health care, aimed at sustaining their long-term development. CCEDUC also advocating for womens rights and trains them to aquire skills for self reliance.

All the actions were achieved through community acceptance i.e. by soliciting membership fee and Partnership with the ministry of Health Uganda.

Our thematic areas:
Our work stretches across the following sectors:
• Public Health and legal support.
• Education and Vocational Training
• Nutritional and basic support
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
• Service delivery and capital support (building schools, academies, clinics)
• Protection from abusee towards our course.

• More women , in our project areas, will be empowered to meet the basic needs of themselves and their children.
• Access to essential services, like clean water, education and healthcare, within communities we support will increase.


Success story.

    • The orphaned kids that we identified and took up are now enrolled in schools and are progressively doing well. For instance, they are now able to read and write.
    • We also introduced them to computer studies and have gained some computer skills. However, this is limited due to the lack of electricity supply to run the computers. In fact, we use a fueled generator which makes the generation of electricity quite expensive.
    • Some of the older orphans deprived women were trained in Tailoring skills and are now able to support themselves using the acquired skills.
    • Massive HIV/AIDS awareness actions  has helped people living with HIV (PHA) access antiviral drugs at the hospital without fear (unlike before), and many youths have been able to find out about their HIV/AIDS status.

      Challenges that the organization faces:

      • Transportation, i.e. for follow-ups by field officers, taking the kids to the health facilities at times of illness, and dropping them and picking them up from school.
      • Insufficient capacity building to the staff and key administrators so that they can work more effectively and efficiently.
      • Inability to provide the deprived Women with sewing machines to use after completion of their training course.
      • Difficulties to establish an orphanage home for those children who face serious challenges, such as ill-treatment by relatives with whom they live.
      • Difficulty in paying remuneration (salary) to the few staff of the organization  
      • Inadequate ordinary sewing machines that are used for training, compared to the modern ones i.e. designing, over locking machines which could improve the quality of clothes and turn them into more marketable clothes.
      • Inadequate funds to identify income generating activities for sustainability
      • Inadequate computer sets and powerful solar panels, which can run a limited number of computers. This is so because the ratio of learners to the computer sets available is  6 : 1

In Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) Uganda children support program, we want to strive to help even more children and to do what we do as best we can.
This strategy sets the direction of our work for the next coming years. It offers guidance to staff, trustees and volunteers to shape and focus our plans for the future. It is also useful to our partners who are at the forefront of implementing change for the lives of the children we care for most, and to our supporters whose generosity and belief in our work make it possible for our programs to continue.
This strategy builds on the successes of the past and seeks to optimize our contribution to improve the lives of the children who are at the heart of our work.
In Care Community Education Centre Uganda Children program exists to Help Orphaned, Poor, Exploited and other marginalized children in the country.Womens rights will be respected through seminors and home visits.Constructing a produce buying center, provision of startup capital for people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA) and Households looking after OVCS as well as extension of counseling services to reduce on the rate of infection



Download organisation's Certificate of Registration and permit of Operation here


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