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Child Education.

  Around the world almost 58 million children are not attending primary school, more than half of which are girls.  Who are not attending school as a result of the death of their parents / guardians due to HIV/AIDS and other death related causes and poverty which have left these children so vulnerable. Under this program, we offer orphans and vulnerable children with; school fees, school uniforms, and scholastic materials such as books, pens, pencils. So  our cardinal aim is to ensure that all children get access to quality education to secure them a brighter future, the 781 million illiterate people worldwide, 64percentare women.

In many developing countries, country like Uganda millions of children does not go to school. There are no schools in their villages, so. Even the existing government schools which offer free education are overcrowded and have inadequate teaching facilities.
in places where some schools are   , they are in long distances, a child has to move a long distance while going to school and by the time he/she reaches school is already tired and that child can not concentrate in class, so there is need for a helping hand /sponsors helping these poor children acquire quality education, So these vulnerable children need schooling but they luck school fees ,scholastic materials , uniforms since they are parentless , neglected abandoned  without helping hands.
Every child has the right to education, Investing in girls’ education brings brighter future for the child’s  family and community since this  child has turned into a good citizen not a problem to the community  whereby he /she would have been a thief  /threat when is not employed simply because he/she did not  acquire education for the future. : Educated girls make informed decisions about their maternal health, delay motherhood, raise fewer and healthier children and will make sure they receive a quality education. The result: wealthier families and communities.
Help her learn, help her earn

We work with individuals, families, teachers, communities, governments, local partners and advocacy groups to create powerful education initiatives that are crucial to fighting poverty.

Through our support girls begin to transform their lives. They learn more than simply to read and write: they learn to respect themselves. And those with parents change too. Many women formerly believed that girls were best suited for housework and other chores however, we have collected evidence and this attitude is changing. After witnessing their daughters’ newly discovered confidence and abilities, fathers are allowing greater mobility for daughters, and boys have also become advocates for their sisters.

Currently, the program supports 65 needy children i.e. 36girls and 29 boys. These children go to better schools within Yumbe . This program is supported by resources raised from our art and craft project, friends and well-wishers. 100% of the resources raised for this program are utilized according to properly set out work plans. If you would like to support any of our children with their education, feel free to contact us at carecommunityeducation@gmail.com
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