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Poor sanitation and hygiene is a cross-cutting health concern in all rural Ugandan villages. Poor sanitation leads to diarrheal diseases, which are responsible for 17% of all deaths of children under five (World Health Organization). Poor personal and household hygiene can lead to trachoma, increased rate of infections, and a number of other diseases. A home with standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and increase malaria rates not just for that family, but for the neighbors as well.

We educate our village communities about the importance of household hygiene, personal hygiene, and sanitation through outreaches. We also have partnerships with local schools, encouraging children to adopt personal habits of hygiene.
To teach about the importance of safe water, we hold village outreaches about the importance of gathering water from clean water sources (even if it means a longer walk to the source), and importance of treating — or at least boiling — water intended for consumption. We also educate villagers about the nature and danger of water-borne diseases contracted by drinking contaminated water. 
Throughout the years that we work in a village, CCEDUC continues to facilitate safe water outreaches. Village Health Teams also sensitize the community about the dangers of contaminated water, and how to best to treat water for consumption.

Shortage of safe water and sanitation is one of the largest cause of sickness in the district of Yumbe Northern  Uganda. Yumbe district being in Northern Uganda Lies in a dry belt hence water is a big problem.
In the year 2014 46% of house hold had no toilets and 52% had no access of safe water.
The young and old deprived have 80% of deaths from diarrhoea diseases due to unsafe water and poor sanitation.
Women and young girls in this area  are most hit  in a such a way that they walk approximately 5 kilometres a day, carrying 20 litres of water, limited time to do productive work and even young girls forego schooling
Poor sanitation, water and hygiene have negative impact in the community of Yumbe. Women spend most of their time fetching water and young girls are denied their rights to education because 60% of  the schools here lack private and decent sanitation facilities.

We encourage donors, well-wishers and partners to support us to achieve our objectives and aims which will lead to easy access to water and also improve on the health status (sanitation), reducing on the high spread of diseases which results from poor disposal of wastes.

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